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cl_algo::RBC::RBCConstruct< K, P > Member List

This is the complete list of members for cl_algo::RBC::RBCConstruct< K, P >, including all inherited members.

get(RBCConstruct::Memory mem)cl_algo::RBC::RBCConstruct< K, P >
getAlpha()cl_algo::RBC::RBCConstruct< K, P >
hPtrInRcl_algo::RBC::RBCConstruct< K, P >
hPtrInXcl_algo::RBC::RBCConstruct< K, P >
hPtrOutIDcl_algo::RBC::RBCConstruct< K, P >
hPtrOutIDpcl_algo::RBC::RBCConstruct< K, P >
hPtrOutNcl_algo::RBC::RBCConstruct< K, P >
hPtrOutOcl_algo::RBC::RBCConstruct< K, P >
hPtrOutRnkcl_algo::RBC::RBCConstruct< K, P >
hPtrOutXpcl_algo::RBC::RBCConstruct< K, P >
init(unsigned int _nx, unsigned int _nr, unsigned int _d, float _a=1.f, int _permID=0, Staging _staging=Staging::IO)cl_algo::RBC::RBCConstruct< K, P >
Memory enum namecl_algo::RBC::RBCConstruct< K, P >
RBCConstruct(clutils::CLEnv &_env, clutils::CLEnvInfo< 1 > _info)cl_algo::RBC::RBCConstruct< K, P >
read(RBCConstruct::Memory mem=RBCConstruct::Memory::H_OUT_X_P, bool block=CL_TRUE, const std::vector< cl::Event > *events=nullptr, cl::Event *event=nullptr)cl_algo::RBC::RBCConstruct< K, P >
run(const std::vector< cl::Event > *events=nullptr, cl::Event *event=nullptr)cl_algo::RBC::RBCConstruct< K, P >
run(clutils::GPUTimer< period > &timer, const std::vector< cl::Event > *events=nullptr)cl_algo::RBC::RBCConstruct< K, P >inline
setAlpha(float _a)cl_algo::RBC::RBCConstruct< K, P >
write(RBCConstruct::Memory mem=RBCConstruct::Memory::D_IN_X, void *ptr=nullptr, bool block=CL_FALSE, const std::vector< cl::Event > *events=nullptr, cl::Event *event=nullptr)cl_algo::RBC::RBCConstruct< K, P >