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RandomBallCover is an implementation of a Nearest Neighbor (NN) data structure in OpenCL. Random Ball Cover (RBC) takes up where Brute Force (BF) leaves off. BF search on the GPU outperforms state-of-the-art NN search algorithms on the CPU. With RBC, it's possible to get even more performance gains than BF. RBC is a two-tier BF search that explores a heavily pruned search space. The data structure was proposed by Lawrence Cayton, and it's described in depth in two of his papers.

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Currently, a variation of the proposed algorithms is implemented that does approximate NN search. For the RBC construction, the data structure in the exact search algorithm is built where each database point is assigned to its nearest representative. The RBC search is done according to the one-shot search algorithm. The main application of the project is the handling of 6-D (3-D geometric and 3-D photometric information) point clouds. For that purpose, the algorithm is able to perform on an input of |X|=|Q|=16384 and |R|=256 with the following results:

  1. RBC construction in 344 microseconds.
  2. RBC search in 714 microseconds.
  3. Mean error 1.05**.

** Mean distance between the queries and the computed NNs, relative to the mean distance between the queries and the true NNs.


The code was developed and tested on Ubuntu 14.04.2, on a system with an AMD R9 270X GPU.

For more details on the implemented algorithms, take a look at the project's wiki.


The project has a dependency on CLUtils (which is automatically downloaded by cmake). If you'd like to remove this dependency, you should be able to modify the kernel interface classes with minimal effort.

Currently, there are 4 example applications. For rbc_2d_plot and rbc_2d_plot_nn, you'll need PLplot. For rbc_img_segmentation and rbc_rgb_img_segmentation, you'll need OpenCV.


git clone https://github.com/nlamprian/RandomBallCover.git
cd RandomBallCover

mkdir build
cd build

# or to build the tests too


# to run the examples (from the build directory!)

# to run the tests (e.g.)
# or with profiling information
./bin/rbc_tests_rbc –profiling

# to install the libraries
sudo make install
# you'll need to copy manually the kernel
# files into your own projects

# to build the docs
make doxygen
firefox docs/html/index.html